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The Body Keeps the Score [Birthday Edition]

Forty-one today. Forty + One.
And because I'm a mom of three, a bi-vocational pastor, and because we have a softball game and a school dance tonight, forty-one will look like eating dinner with my family. It will look like more dark chocolate than usual. And like soaking up sunshine next to the tomato and basil and thyme starter plants in my sunroom.
For some reason, FORTY felt more monumental. The end of an era, the beginning of the next. I had a party and invited old friends I rarely get to see. We ate cake and curried lentils.

But my forty-first year? Well, let me tell you, this year got started on the wrong foot. At my fortieth birthday party, I could hardly eat those curried lentils. My stomach was unhappy and has been for most of the last 12 months. I spent countless dollars and countless hours on finding a cure once the specialist's prescription did nothing for me. I life-hacked my way through National Institute of Health research, put myself on protocols of herbal ant…

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