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Who Said Efficiency was Next to Godliness? (I Did. I Was Wrong)

Okay, friends. It's January, that time of year where a lot of us are doing a bit more reflection and a lot less Netflix/Amazon/Disney+/gaming/vacations/etc. As I'm a busy and rather productive human/mom/pastor/wife/friend/neighbor, I've been working on a list of things to do since I was, like, 12 years old. Nothing's ever crossed off. But here was a reminder for me that came from my quiet times in the last couple days.  It's simply this: Jesus picked like *the worst* time in history to become human. He wanted to get the message of the kingdom spread, but he came at a time with no cars and no cell phones. No instant messaging, texting, skyping, face-timing. A LOT of Jesus' time was simply spent walking. His time was all sucked up by transportation (and you might think your commute is bad!). Hours and hours of walking and talking, or walking and simply BEING alone and silent. Walking to a mountain to pray, walking back to find his disciples in the town. If he had…

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