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Pretend You Are On Vacation.

It's August 28--I think. Who knows? The kids are back in school. The last few weeks have consisted of marching band and show choir camp, new student orientation, registration, dentist appointments, physical therapy, doctor visits, pharmacy runs, forms forms forms, school supply shopping, laundry, haircuts, Target runs for socks and marching band socks, signups, practices, volunteer signup requests, and kid requests for new glasses, shorts, pants, sweatshirts, lunch supplies, lunchboxes. Not to mention one kid is trying to keep pace with college applications.

Now that the offspring are actually at school during the day, I'm at times lulled into thinking all of this will get more predictable and easier to manage. But it doesn't. Because yesterday people came home with planners to sign and fractions problems and tears that reminded me to text the tutor. I had to run to Target for the socks and marching band socks and dish soap. (And dark chocolate for me! We were out of choc…

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